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The 3 Phases In Which Toxins Make You Sick

The 2 Phases In Which Toxins Make You SickThis is how toxins make you sick!

Our organism is built in a way to naturally eliminate both environmental toxins and the toxins produced as a by product of it’s own processes.

What happens when one one side you increase exposure to toxic elements and on the other side you are not able to eliminate them fast enough? Then toxins accumulate in the body’s tissues and burden the organs of elimination.

This scenario starts a vicious circle where the body’s organs get more and more fatigued and overworked, and progressively lose their ability to deal with the toxic load; this lead to the beginning of a constant low-grade inflammation, which is the body’s first response, then to a formation or full pathologies.

Disease has its origin in the imbalance created by toxic overload, and the inability of the body to keep up with it, so that toxins get stored away in organs and tissues!

Lets lee how this works;

Phase 1 – How Toxins Make You Sick: Inflammation

Low grade inflammation is the first defense mechanism against a toxic overload.

Symptoms like fever, occasional diarrhea, eczemas, dermatitis, bronchitis, and UTI are a signal that the body is trying to get rid of an excess of toxins.

Phase 2 – How Toxins Make You Sick: Accumulation

As toxins keep accumulating inside the organs, occasional symptoms become more frequent.

Toxic deposits start in the connective tissue between cells, so that cells can not receive proper nutrients and oxygen. Toxins are also stored in fat tissues, so you might start gaining weight for not other reason that the body needs more storage space for toxic waste.

The liver is the organ the gets affected the most, as it’s the one responsible for the largest part of processing and elimination of toxins.

For example elevated triglycerides and blood glucose levels are a sign of a congested liver.

Phase 3 – How Toxins Make You Sick: Disease

Once the toxic overload as reached a certain point and the body’s tissues are saturated, organs start consistently malfunctioning.

Functions get sacrificed in order to keep the organism alive, but eventually this impaired functionality will lead to full blown disease.

A good example of this situation are diseases like Autoimmune Conditions, Arthritis, Gallbladder disease and Hormonal Imbalances.

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