Are you Carb Intolerant?

1. Did you try different weight loss diets, but ended up gaining weight again?
2. Are you overweight, even if you eat about the same amount of some of your thin friends?
3. Is it very easy for you to gain weight?
4. Do you gain most of the weight around your midriff?
5. Do you experience a lot of weight up and downs?
6. When you are on a weight loss diet are you always hungry and frustrated?
7. Do you get bloated or gassy after a meal containing grains?
8. Do you crave sweets?
9. Are sweets and comfort foods like pasta and baked goods your favorite foods?
10. Do you occasionally  binge on sweets?
11. Do sweets and starches give you a boost of energy?
12. Do sweets and starches give you a momentary mood lift, just to fall back into depression and anxiety about an hour later?
13. Are you obsessed with food?
14. Have you tried to cut down on sweets without success?
15. Can you go more than 6 hours without eating?
16. Do you get a mid afternoon energy slump, combined with a sweet craving?
17. Do you experience irritability, fatigue, mood swings, difficulty concentrating or sleeping, anxiety and sadness without a real cause?
18. Do you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time going back to sleep?
19. Do you often snack after dinner?
20. Are you very hungry first thing in the morning?
21. Do you tend to get hungry right after exercising?
22. Do you have to eat before exercising?

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