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Perfect Keto Bars

This might not sound like much, but it’s actually ground-breaking.


Today I want to introduce you to the new Perfect Keto Bars because they use ingredients I actually trust. The snack bar marketplace is overwhelming and like most aspects of the food industry… it’s a mess.

Here’s the quick backstory…

Did you know that the first snack bars were created in the 1960’s to feed astronauts?

Today, they are on every shelf, coffee shop, and a gym bag… but most of them are still more like space food, rather than anything actually real and nutritious.

We need to be talking about this more as a health community. Most bars are not doing us any favors, in fact, they are probably causing inflammation and hindering us from our goals.

Think about the bars that are supposed to be “kind” to us:

Check the ingredients:

  • Peanuts (inflammatory)
  • Glucose syrup, honey, sugar (sugar 3 times),
  • Soy lecithin

What about the bar that is the default “Rx” for a simple bar?

Ingredients recap:

  • Dates (literally just sugar…absolutely no need for 15g of straight sugar)
  • Almonds (roasted in harmful veggie oil)
  • Factory farmed egg whites.

Okay, okay, but what about the “low net carb” bar we are all on a “quest” for?

Ingredients recap:

  • Whey protein (the cheapest possible protein)
  • Isomalto-Oligosaccharides (advertised as a net carb, but do yourself a favor and actually check the blood sugar response you have to this. It may be alarming)
  • Sucralose (artificial and has been shown to still affect insulin, glucose, and harm beneficial bacteria – see study)

I’m sorry for all the negativity but it brings me to something I’m truly excited about – Perfect Keto Bars.

Check out THIS ingredient label!

Here are the highlights:

Organic Almond Butter

  • Benefit: The best part about Organic Almond Butter is they don’t use Peanut Butter.  Peanuts are legumes (not nuts), contain a lot of carbs, and are pro-inflammatory.  Furthermore, peanut butter often contains many additives including more sugar.

Tapioca Fiber

  • Benefit: Uniquely formulated to reduce the risk of increased blood sugar.

Collagen Protein

  • Benefit: Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is the primary protein that makes up our connective tissue like our joints and ligaments. This means support for better skin, hair and nails and joints. Count me in.

Plus the taste in insane. Sometimes, less is more, and real food just tastes better.

Are these Keto Bars for you? I’d highly recommend them if you:

  1. Eat a Ketogenic Diet
  2. Like to avoid unnecessary blood sugar spikes
  3. Insist on eating real food, even on-the-go
  4. Are busy but want a clean ingredient snack option.
  5. Try to eat a low carbohydrate load
  6. Would like a decadent treat that is guilt-free

As you may know, I’m close with the founders of Perfect Keto and I got the scoop on a screaming discount for these Keto Bars

Click here to get them!

 KETOBARS40 for 40% off from Now till Nov 9th at 11:59pm

Perfect Keto is notorious for being in high-demand and occasionally stocking out. I’d recommend loading up with this discount for the holiday months and to be fully loaded to rock it in the new year!

Again, KETOBARS40 for 40% off from Now till Nov 9th at 11:59pm

I hope this is a huge step forward for your healthy snack game!


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