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Keto Paleo Pecan Almond Shortbread Cookies

Pecan Almond Shorbread Cookies By The Nourished Caveman 3

Pecan Almond Shortbread Cookies, crumbly delight!

When I was a kid I used to love to dip cookies in my tea. My grandmother taught me that…

As a keto eater it’s not so easy to find cookies you can have….

These ones are amazingly delicious, and quite low in carbs! Just as good as the shortbread from my childhood!

Keto Treats and Insulin

Please be aware that a keto treat might still spike your insulin.

What will happen for sure is that a sweet tasting treat will not help your sugar addiction, if you are experiencing such a problem.

You can read more in my post about Treats and Insulin.

For this reason I recommend skipping the sweetener altogether if that is a concern of yours and try to get used to less sweet tasting foods. This will reset your taste buds, and help you get rid of the cravings!

Pecan Almond Shorbread Cookies By The Nourished Caveman

3.0 from 2 reviews
Almond Pecan Shortbread Cookies
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 20 cookies
  • Serving size: 1 cookie
  • Calories: 194
  • Fat: 20 gr
  • Carbohydrates: 1.2 gr NET
  • Fiber: 1.6 gr
  • Protein: 2.4 gr
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
A delicious variation on Pecan Shortbread cookies, perfect for a low carb or ketogenic diet!
  • 2 cups pecans
  • 1 cup almonds
  • 1 cup pastured butter, melted
  • 3 Tbs Swerve (buy here)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  1. Pre heat oven to 350 degees F.
  2. In a large food processor mix almond and pecans until they turn in to a coarse flour.
  3. Add butter and rest of ingredients to the food processor and blend until a dough is formed.
  4. Now remove the dough form the food processor and with the aid of parchment paper shape it into a roll.
  5. Put in the refrigerator for 2 hrs min, until dough hardens.
  6. Now slice in to 1" thick rounds.
  7. Place on a cookie sheet on top of parchment paper.
  8. Bake at 325 for 10 minutes.
  9. Be careful not to overbake or bottom will burn!
  10. Let cool before moving form the cookie sheet. If too crumbly refrigerate before eating!

Pecan Almond Shorbread Cookies By The Nourished Caveman 2

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Comments 41

  1. Lisa says:

    Whoops, looks like the nutrient count is off.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      How so Lisa?

      • Lisa says:

        I am so sorry. Was reading 20 gr of carbs. Can’t wait to try this recipe, may even try to use brown butter for extra flavor.

    • Lisa Hadden says:

      Can I freeze these delicious morsels!

      • The Nourished Caveman says:

        Lisa, yes, you can freeze the dough and then bake it anytime!!

  2. Leah says:

    Can the butter be replaced with ghee or a dairy free option?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Leah you can try with ghee, but the butter is what gives it flavor…maybe with coconut oil?

  3. Maureen says:

    Vivica, are you using a convection oven? I have tried this and a couple of you other recipes and the temp and times just really don’t work for me. With these they just melted and spread and ran into each other. Wondering if it needed less butter? Or an egg or something to hold it together?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Maureen, it is normal for the dough to spread and met a bit. What you can do is let it cool down and then cut it into squares, then refrigerate them to make them harder and more solid.
      I cut them into circles with a cup….

  4. vimla says:

    Made these shortbread biscuits. …burnt them a bit 1st attempt….but wow they so yummy. …have rest of pastry in the fridge n will make sure not to burn them….

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      I am starting to suspect that my home oven is running low on temperatures 🙁
      But yes they do burn easily!! So watch them closely next time!

  5. Liberty Osterloh says:

    Can I use Raw honey instead of swerve? Would probably use less honey than 3Tbs though? Can’t wait to try these 🙂

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      If you are not carb sensitive you can use coconut sugar or a little bit of honey. Unfortunately honey is very rich in fructose which is problematic for most people.

  6. Erica says:

    I have almond flour, and not almonds.What would the amount be for that? I have a feeling a cup of almonds ground might be more than a cup?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Erica, grind the almonds then measure them. 🙂

      • Erica says:

        I don’t have almonds, I ONLY have almond flour. The recipe calls for one cup of almonds that you then grind.

  7. Andra says:

    The flavor is delicious. When I sliced an inch thick dough it made one huge blob with burnt edges. Next time around I cut my inch thick roll in halves and rolled more into a ball and flattened a bit. This worked better, but I still have to flatten more when they come out of the oven to resemble a cookie, and too crumbly to pick up and eat. I’ve reserved about half of the dough. I thought it would make a delicious base/crust for something. Any suggestions on baking a better cookie and a recipe to put on top of this cookie/crust if you think that will work??

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hi Andra, freezing the dough before baking and shaping is crucial to the success of the cookie. As they do not contain gluten (the glue of baked stuff) they will be very crumbly…maybe make them in to balls and just barely flatten them before baking….

  8. Mary says:

    Can you use almond flour instead of the almonds?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Almond flour that comes from making almond milk will be too dry for this purpose. If you just grind your own almonds will make for a tastier and richer cookie!!

  9. Adrian says:

    Can I use hazelnuts in place of almonds?

  10. karen says:

    It says to put the fridge, but then you said freezer, I don’t want to ruin it, so please let me know which to do.

  11. Jeanne says:

    Does the oven need to be preheated? There were no instructions for this.
    Thank you

  12. Pam says:

    If I have already ground pecans and almonds, what measurement of each should I use? Still the same 2 cups, 1cup? Thanks for your help.

  13. Deana says:

    Hello! I want to pin this. Can I make a suggestion. Put low carb somewhere near the title so we can quickly search and identify as we later sift through many pins of cookie recipes. If you test it out as If you were going to pin this recipe you’ll see there’s no reference in the pin text that it os low carb. Thanks!

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      GREAT point!! I usually do…but must have slipped me….doing it now! 😉 Thank you Deana <3

  14. Judy says:

    I found the instructions a bit confusing: heat the oven to 350, later, bake at 325. I read a few comments and you said the dough should go into the freezer, but your directions say refrigerator.
    I found these to be so crumbly, they wouldn’t hold together. Is there a missing ingredient that acts as a binder?
    To salvage the recipe, I made a ganache with unsweetened chocolate and heavy cream, sweetened with Swerve and Stevia. Then I added the cookie crumbs, mixed well, and put the mix into an 8 inch square pan. Froze that for a couple of hours, then cut into bite size squares.
    Really good.

  15. Jan Del Rio says:

    The recipe says to cut the cookies in 1″ rounds. Does that mean the roll should be 20″ long? Or should it be 1/2″ rounds? How thick do you make the roll? Please advise. I am going to make this recipe tomorrow. Looks delicious.

  16. Melinda says:

    Can you use xanthan gum to act as a binder

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      I dont use it but you can try. I don’t like binders.

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