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5 Qualities A Person Should Have To Lose Weight On Keto Paleo

5 Qualities A Person Should Have To Lose Weight On Keto Paleo

How many of you have started your Keto Paleo diet only to stop after a few days after? Or if you were lucky enough, you’d last a few weeks but would find yourself going back to your normal ways of eating? Seems easy enough to say “I’m going on a diet” but in real life, it takes more than diet and exercise to lose weight. If you want to get slimmer and healthier, you must also be equipped with the right mindset and attitude in order to be successful with your weight loss journey. As Vivica said in her Healing Foods Method, “The key to long-term weight loss and beneficial changes to health is the creation of good habits and the elimination of the bad.” I have been reading several inspirational and motivational blogs lately but no other line, quote or tip have I read that can equal or be more eye-opening than this simple line.


Here are 5 Qualities A Person Should Have To Lose Weight On Keto Paleo. However, incomplete or complete, I still would like to share them with you and hopefully they can be as helpful to you as they have been to me.


The first and most obvious quality a person needs to have when trying to lose weight  is dedication. There should be no stalls or excuses. Dedication, if it were to be defined by me,  would mean to decide wholly. Take note of the word “wholly” at the end. To decide is to just choose but to dedicate is to devote everything. Do not just “decide” to lose weight and be healthier instead, dedicate yourself to do so. There are a lot of exercises that you can incorporate Keto Paleo that can be as simple as running on a treadmill or as intense as exercising Crossfit style. What you decide on is not as important as sticking to the routine. If your workout consists of running outdoors three times a week then rain or shine, you need to get on it and work it!



“There is nothing more than a healthy competition”. Now, who would have thought the next quality can be extracted from this popular line? Imagine yourself going up against your old self – what do you see? What changes do you envision in your new self? Competition always tends to push us to our limit. Who doesn’t want to win right? By challenging yourself and by comparing what you are now to your future self, you’ll be able to fuel your dedication even further. So challenge yourself and aspire to be better than what you are now. Before and After pictures are an awesome way of inspiring yourself. Take a picture of your first day and take pictures every month after that. Those changes, gradual as they may be, will inspire you to eat healthier and exercise more.


Being Conscious and Cautious

The success of your weight loss campaign can be fuelled by the two qualities stated above. This third quality listed will affect how effective your Keto Paleo will be. Being conscious and at the same time being cautious will help you be aware of what’s happening with you and your body.  You will be able to discern what works and what doesn’t. You’ll then be able to make wiser decisions, make smarter choices and take the necessary action right when it is needed. I consider these two qualities as one because having only one of them without the other can highly affect how your weight loss plans and actions will be.



Our bodies are different from each other therefore, we can assume that some of us are able to lose weight faster than others. Don’t feel bad if you’re not losing the same amount of weight as you should be. You will definitely get there. As a lot of experts say: “There are no instant results”. You get there by working hard, being consistent and most of all being patient.



Don’t feel bad if you’re not seeing the results you want at the moment. Remain patient, stay dedicated, be more competitive, conscious and cautious but most of all be optimistic. If you do, there is no way you’ll fail. Just think about this thought: At the end of the day, the one who truly feels more fulfilled will not be the one who got there easily instead, it will be the one who struggled and exerted the most effort to get there just like everyone else.


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