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Easy Low-Carb and Keto Savory Snacks

5 easy keto snacks

Low-Carb and Keto Savory Snacks are important!

Following a Paleo/Keto lifestyle can be a little difficult sometimes.

I think the two biggest challenges are feeling like you eat the same thing all the time, having trouble getting enough fat into your daily diet and needing easy and handy snacks that are not sweet and will help you wean yourself from that problematic sweet tooth! (PS to learn more about sweet treats and the problems they cause read THIS post!)

Does this sound familiar to you?

So I thought I would give you a hand and round up some great paleo/keto snacks to break up the monotony, and get your fat intake up for the day.

Macadamia Nut Butter

The Macadamia Nut Butter comes from the ketodietapp.com. It’s a very simple recipe that packs a lot of great healthy fat that you can pair with something scrumptious, or have by itself. Make sure you pay attention to directions when making this hummus. They are not joking when they mean you need to be patient, otherwise you will break your food processor and nobody wants that 🙁



Portabella Mushroom Chips 

The Portabella Mushroom Chips also come from the ketodietapp.com. They are a tasty, buttery chip that has lots healthy fat as well as potassium! It’s important to make sure you are getting enough minerals into your diet as well as healthy fats. They also make a great addition to any salad when you want to have that added crunch. I make them all the time!



Crispy Prosciutto Chips

How much do you love prosciutto? If you’re anything like me, then you love it! Well there might be one thing that is a little better than prosciutto and that would be the prosciutto chip!

These prosciutto chips are from Nom Nom Paleo, and they are sooooo good! Aside from being so good, they are so easy to make. My favorite way to have these chips is with a spicy guacamole which ups your healthy fat intake even more. It’s the best of both worlds – prosciutto and avocados! Make these today!




Zucchini Chip

Beware, these chips are as addictive  as the prosciutto chips and you can go overboard with them.

They are the Zucchini Chip! They are very low on the carbs and very similar to a regular chip without all the bad stuff. To top it all off they are easy to make too!  So if you like chips and really miss them I highly suggest these chips as well as the one before. They are great way to keep you on track without going off track.

Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs

Avocado Deviled Eggs 

Now I might be a little biased including some of my own snacks, but I am biased for a good reason because I know they are sooooooo good! So let me start with the avocado deviled eggs.

Deviled eggs are just so good to begin with, I never knew how much better they could be mixing them with some avocados. I make these often because they are very easy to make and grab when I am on the run.

Aside from the obvious, these eggs have lots of Vitamin D as well. There is no better way to get your vitamins than through food itself.   Make yourself a batch of these today, I know you will love them like I do 🙂

Raw Avocado and Golden Flax Crackers by The Nourished Caveman 2

Avocado Flax Seed Crackers 

Let me wrap up with this round up with a cracker of my own. These are my Avocado Flax Seed Crackers. I created these to go with a friends Sardine Mousse, winding up with the perfect match. You get all the Omega 3’s and healthy fats you could ask for, and they make a great addition to any snack.  Aside from making a great snack, I make these for get together’s and holiday parties as well. I always get a great response to them and I’m sure you will too. Enjoy!



I hope these snacks will help add variety and healthy fats to your daily diet. I will be sure to update this post as I come up with other delicious snacks for all of you.

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