It is a way of eating which aims to induce nutritional ketosis (a metabolic state where you burn fats instead of sugar) by restricting carbohydrate intake and balancing daily amounts of fat and protein.A Ketogenic diet is NOT a high protein diet It is a high fat, low carb moderate protein diet.

By eating a nutritionally balanced ketogenic diet you can feel good in your skin again. You could fit in those old jeans without having to lay down to button them, you could go shopping for a new bikini to show your healthy new body in. By eating this way you could wake up in the morning full of energy and not be afraid to tackle the day ahead! You could say goodbye to that nagging anxiety and forget the meaning of the word depression. Life could be smiling at you again!

Our body is designed to use different kind of fuels for energy but some fuels are more efficient than others. We are taught that glucose is the main source of energy in the body, but when we withdraw it, our body activates an ancient, dormant genetic program called ketosis. In ketosis the body uses fats instead of glucose for fuel. That means both dietary fats and stored body fats are burned. Ketones are small molecules used as a source of energy in a state of ketosis.

A nutritionally well balanced ketogenic diet can help you alleviate chronic pain, lose fat while maintain muscle, and even stabilize blood glucose for diabetics and pre-diabetics: #1. If you need to lose weight you will be able to shed fat pounds while preserving your muscles. #2 If you are pre-diabetic or insulin resistant, it will lower your glucose levels and make them stable. #3 If you have chronic pain, it will lower inflammation levels and reduce the pain. Those are just few examples of how this way of eating can relieve you of the symptoms of many different conditions.

  • Prevents Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes 1 & 2 and Pre-diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • PCOS/infertility
  • GERD
  • Metabolic Syndrome….and many more!

No. The Atkins diet focuses more on a higher protein diet while a ketogenic diet emphasizes the importance of fueling your body with healthy fats. An appropriate macro breakdown for a ketogenic diet may look like this:

  • 70-75 percent fat
  • 15-20 percent protein
  • 5-10 percent carbohydrates

Now here’s the catch. You can just as easily be eating Keto, but still consuming a processed diet that’s not meeting your nutritional needs. In my practice, I focus on eating wholefoods that are nutrient-dense, leaving you feeling satiated for longer and meeting your body’s nutritional needs. I’ve adapted a Keto Paleo approach to eating which we’ll dive into deeper below.

That really depends on your food allergies and sensitivities. A nutritionally balanced ketogenic food plan can include meat, fish, eggs, low carb vegetables, oils and nuts.

When you are in ketosis you do not depend on glucose and insulin for energy, so your energy levels are very steady. You will find yourself having more energy than you have ever experienced, without those crashing moments, like after a heavy meal or mid-afternoon. Ketosis also reduces inflammation, sometimes completely eliminating chronic pain. Ketosis helps heal your digestive system, minimizing the symptoms of heartburn, GERD, irritable bowel and more.

Definitely not. First of all your grocery list is going to be greatly simplified on a ketogenic food plan You will buy more expensive products, but will still save more from all the snacks/junk foods/unhealthy foods you eliminate. Second, there are ways to get the best ingredients for the least money that I can share with you. You will discover that this way of eating by no means deprives you of delicious comfort foods. My food plans and many recipes will keep your palate and your body happy!

Usually after a week or two, as they see your results, they will be interested and more inclined to support you.

You will develop the skills to eat adequately in any situation. A ketogenic food plan is not hard to master, you just have to get used to it and it will be like second nature.finitely not.

Most MD’s are not trained in nutrition and do not understand the difference between nutritional ketosis and ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is a life threatening condition that occurs exclusively in people with Diabetes I, who can not produce insulin. There is a lot of misleading information that can lead people to believe that anybody could easily go into ketoacidosis, but that is absolutely not true. It is impossible for a normal, insulin producing individual, to reach ketoacidosis. I have a letter for your doctor, which explains the difference and why the diet is not dangerous or unhealthy.

If you feel like you can’t afford doing a ketogenic program, both because of time and finances think about the following: How much would a hospital stay cost you? Or lost work time for an illness? Did you know that in 2012 (2 years ago!) diabetes cost $245 billion in medical costs and lost worker productivity in the United States? Alzheimer’s disease is the most expensive condition in the nation. In 2014, the direct costs to American society of caring for those with Alzheimer’s will total an estimated $214 billion, including $150 billion in costs to Medicare and Medicaid. Those are just two examples, the list is long.Compared to the possible health risks we are all facing when eating a SAD diet, (standard American diet) the investment in a nutritionally balanced ketogenic program is a very small investment. Especially if you are vey busy and stressed, you will appreciate all the great tools that simplify your daily meal planning, and the extra energy this way of eating will give you!

To get started with keto you could just read few websites on the internet, but there is a danger in doing so. Most approaches to the ketogenic diet you will find out do not take into consideration healthy eating. Even if you just want to lose a few pounds, it is important to think about the big picture. You are making an investment in yourself, so do it the right way. Your food choices and a eating a nutritionally balanced diet with proper supplementation are very important to prevent future problems and to address your current concerns.You can use my Keto meal plan to help you get started on eating Keto the right way: One week of keto meals with macros and a shopping list for only $10!


 Here are some very important factors to consider before you start.


  • Is your liver healthyA toxic liver will compromise your results and stand in the way between you and weight loss / health.
  • Is your thyroid healthy? If you are either on thyroid medication or suspect a thyroid problem, a modified Ketogenic diet is the option for you. You could be doing more harm than good by doing a conventional keto diet.
  • Do you have underlying nutritional deficiences? A keto diet might exacerbate them! Read THIS POST to learn more about supplements and their possible negative effects.
  • Is your endocrine system out of balance? Imbalanced glands and hormones will override your best efforts to get healthy and lose weight!!

If you suspect any of the above is true for you, and you would like to find out more about how to proceed with Keto, I invite you to fill out my enquiry form below.

Learn about my approach to a healthier you through a ketogenic lifestyle and health restoring program. I will be happy to look at your situation in depth and determine what kind of help would work best for you.

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  1. sungadelacruz says:

    can a type 2 diabetic use this ketogenic diet? what about the medicines like metformin, how will they affect the type 2 diabetic who decides to use this ketogenic diet? how about the dangers of hypoglycemia? please enlightern me on these questions. thank you.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Thank you for your great questions.
      YES the ketogenic diet is absolutely great for Type 2 diabetics.
      About the other questions, as they require a more in depth answer, you can send me a message through the contact me form, and I will be happy to reply to you!

    • Pamela Autio says:

      Hi sungadelacruz,
      Early in 2015 I was told I was diabetic and put on medication. I was on the first number in A1C that indicates diabetes. In February 2016 I started a keto diet. 14 wks later…I was no longer diabetic. interested in lo carb hi fat. I lost 50 lbs that first year and have maintained my weight for 14 months. I personally subsist on ribeye steak and broccoli floating in butter, an occasional egg or 4, rare cheddar cheese and rarer avocado. That’s it. Oh, that first year I did not exercise. Now I walk daily 1-4 miles. And I’m ‘happy as a clam’. Good luck. I’m 75 in June.

  2. Lisa Allen says:

    Vivica…where would you suggest I get information own how to implement this diet? Thank you.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hi Lisa,
      You can join my mailing list!
      I send weekly emails with lots of information on implementation, PLUS something special coming within the next two weeks!!
      PS can you tell me where on FB you saw my page? I would like to thank who shared it 🙂

  3. Ruthinthedesert says:

    What about fiber? Does your eating plan include information on fiber?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      I use psyllium fiber in many of my recipes. I do not get into the specific topic of fiber in the meal plan, I do in my 8 week program.
      Did you have a specific question?

  4. Naomi Makepeace says:

    I have under active thyroid and am taking 250 mcg levothyroxine per day.
    Would I be ok to do this diet
    Many thanks

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Yes, absolutely, but I would do it with the supervision of a professional to make sure you do it the right way!

  5. Nara says:

    What about type 1 insulin dependent diabetics. The logistics sound good as far as eating to keep your blood glucose in check, I am just not sure I could do the 24 hour fast without the glucose dropping too low.


    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Nara, I would only try to do a fast after having been keto adapted for a while. That will reduce and stabilize your insulin need. Then once you are very stable you can try to fast, starting with 6 hours, then 8 hours, then 12 etc. But all slowly and in increments.

  6. Dionna says:

    Hi. I’ve done a diet similar called medifast, about 6 yrs ago. It worked well for me. I lost 40 lbs in 4 months. Since then, I had a baby, gained all my weight back, then dealt with thyroid cancer last year. My thyroid is completely removed and I rely solely on medication to regulate me. Weight loss seems almost impossible now. You mentioned if there is a thyroid issue to do a modified version of this plan. Is that still an option now that I don’t have a thyroid at all?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hi Dionna, I still think a modified therapeutic ketogenic diet will be your best bet to try to lose weight. It is a longer and more complex process than what I can explain here, sorry.

  7. Procrastaknitter says:

    Does this way of eating allow for other dietary preferences, like vegetarian? I do not eat meat/land animals, I do eat seafood and dairy products. My sister has had success in the past few weeks (13lbs total), but I mostly see her eat things I don’t, like meat.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Yes, if you eat fish that should be ok. The reason you do not like meat is most likely a deficiency in hydrochloric acid!

  8. Vivian says:

    I have been diagnosed with a non alcoholic fatty liver…is this something that would help reverse/improve it?

  9. Wendy Brown says:

    Hi. I’m trying to find out if this diet would be good for my daughter. She was diagnosed with AML in July 2011. She had a bone marrow transplant December 2011. Now she suffers from hypothyroidism and the dr thinks she has IBS. they are doing genetic testing to make sure ahe doesn’t have a gluten allergy. Also, she is on hormone replacement therapy. What would you recommend for her?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hello Wendy. How old is your daughter? I would for sure recommend a Keto Paleo diet for her, but I would need to more about her case to tell you more. This is just a place to discuss more generic topics 🙂

  10. Emily Burrows says:

    I am pre diabetic I would love as much information as I can get on this diet please
    Thank you

  11. David says:

    Very good article. Main issue I have is DKA can happen in T2D. While insulin production *should* preclude this from happening in T2D, it doesn’t always. That’s why using DKA as a diagnostic method is outdated and should be replaced with C-peptide and GAD65 antibodies tests.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      David, for your info, DKA can totally be controlled through diet. I am not sure what you mean by using DKA as a diagnostic tool.

      • David says:

        Oh I’m all too familiar with the management techniques for DKA. And keto works so much better than what is typically given or recommended, no arguement there.

        My statement about DKA being a DX tool is based on how many doc use the very high blood sugar (>600) as a means of classifying type. I’ve seen many pwd given a DX of T1 based solely on DKA with no further testing, myself included.

        That is also why I took exception with the statement that DKA is solely a T1 occurrence. It’s becoming more and more common for T2 to have DKA, especially those who either follow the ADA meal plan or worse, those who just don’t care

        • The Nourished Caveman says:

          I see. Yes it is a very sad situation with the DKA and it is mainly caused by improper dietary guidelines and treatment for D2 patients.

          • David says:

            Bingo! That’s why I’ve been doing keto for 4 years and telling everyone I can about it. Keep up the good work

          • The Nourished Caveman says:

            You as well David, thank you!!

  12. Johnna says:

    I take Thyroid medication. I dud not know that Keto might not be for me. Please elaborate.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Sorry Johanna that is a vague question. can you be more specific?

  13. Charlie says:

    i would like to get that letter for my doctor!

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      I do it for my patients Charlie, cant do it otherwise….sorry.

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  15. Jennifer Sparks says:

    I have started the Keto-OS by the company Pruvit. I began taking it in Sep. and had amazing results right off. I had more energy than I have had in a very long time, my cravings for sweets were immediately gone, my daily headaches were gone, my focus was crazy; but my mind was wide open so I didn’t experience the great sleep that some talk about.
    I take medication for my thyroid (my level is 1.8), I am a naturally hyper person; but feel like the effects of the ketones aren’t the same as they were in the beginning. I’ve gotten sick with Pneumonia, and ended up with mono 3 weeks ago and had to stop taking my Keto-OS for during that time because I was nauseated and couldn’t eat very much at all.
    I’m wondering if I need to be on a modified Keto plan or what are your thoughts. I would only take 1 packet a day and wasn’t sure if I needed to go to 2 a day since I’ve been taking it for awhile now. I don’t know if I’m getting enough ketones or just don’t need that much.

    Jennifer Sparks

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Jennifer, I think at this point you should be able to just take one packet in the morning, as maintenance. I am so sorry to hear about your illness and I hope you get better asap.

  16. Shelly says:

    Please give your opinion on keto diet and seizures.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hello Shelly, I am getting wonderful results for my patients with seizures. We achieved almost complete control in all cases. I can only recommend it, but for sure I would recommend to do a Keto Paleo diet and work with a professional, as there are often underlying issues to the seizures that need to be addressed as well.

    • David says:

      The ketogenic way of eating was the preferred method of controlling seizures in children until middle of last century. That’s when we got medication after medication and surgical options. Some of which are scarier than a seizure! Do some searching on “google scholar” and you’ll find more than a few peer reviewed studies and papers on ketogenic diets and seizures. Good luck!

      • The Nourished Caveman says:

        I totally agree David!! I use the keto diet on several of my patients for just that, controlling seizures!

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      hey Shelly, here is a testimonial I got today: “Before I had several relatively mild seizures a day. A few weeks into the program seizures frequency lowered significantly. By the end of the 10 weeks I have had a 70-80% decrease in seizure activity day to day. It helped me sleep significantly better and quickly lose the fat off my body that I was interested in doing away with. Significant positive difference after doing the program.”

  17. Ghazala says:

    Hi I suffer from hepatitis B, can I still do this diet and will it help my liver?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Eating Keto Paleo Vs eating a conventional diet will help your liver, but you also need proper supplementation support in the case of Hep. B.
      Sorry but I can’t go in more detail as that would exceed the scope of a simple blog answer 🙂

  18. Monica says:

    I have been in this diet for a year with great success. My A1C was 5.9 and even though i have been very strict this number has not wavered. Also i have lost a significant amount if hair! I did some research and this isnt totally uncommon. Otherwise im all for this diet. Even in adding in more carbs now my weight holds steady! Thanks for educating people!

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Monica seems like you have underlying endocrine issues that have not been addressed!!

  19. Chris says:

    I am a runner. I feel sluggish without healthy carbs. What do active people who eat this way do for energy?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      You can try MCT oil, or you can try Keto OS. It works great for long term energy!!

  20. Michelle says:

    My Doctor recommended a keto diet plan. I do have a condition, non alcoholic fatty liver, insulin resistance, and I am hypo thyroid.
    I would love some advice..

  21. Dianne says:

    I have been on the ketogenic diet since January. I have hypothyroidism. I have lost 20 lbs. Then 2 months ago, my hair started falling out and I have been gaining weight. My pH level is low at 5.5. I have been taking coral to support my bones and teeth. Also, I am taking adaptocrine and adrenacalm. I also have been drinking water with Apple cider vinegar to try to raise my pH. Any suggestions on how to raise my pH and stop my hair from falling out?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Dianne, your problem is just a symptom of a deeper cause. You can not just fix your thyroid with a keto diet. The diet will help for sure but you also have to address the endocrine imbalances that are causing the hair to fall out. Also PH is irrelevant to the problem.

      • heidi says:

        I started on the GAPS diet which seems to be very similar to the one you recommend, but after 2 weeks I was so exhausted I couldn’t function, and I had to go off of it. I would like to start a keto diet but I am nervous about not being able to function. Is this a common result or would the extreme exhaustion indicate I have some type of underlying problem I need to address.
        Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

        • The Nourished Caveman says:

          Hey Heidi, you probably started detoxing too quickly. You will need some nutritional support seems like 🙂

  22. David says:

    One thing to remember is in the beginning, a keto diet is a highly diuretic way of eating. Also, since there is now a lack of prepackaged and processed foods you are actually eating less salt than before. The lack of sodium is evident by the brain fog and lethargy you noticed. These will usually subside after a few weeks as your body adapts to the new food sources. You can google things like “carb flu” or “keto flu” for some ideas on how to get past this time but a couple of quick remedies: 1) drink more water than you think you need since you’ll be losing lots of water. 2) drink of cup of bullion broth (perhaps add some butter to it for some extra fat). The broth will add the salt you may be missing and could help the brain fog

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      I agree, although I would prefer homemade bone broth with unrefined sea salt t the buillion cube…those can hide nasty ingredients!!

  23. David says:

    True. But in a pinch and if someone doesn’t the skills to make their own, the cubes work.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      True, just make sure you read ALL the ingredients and get organic!!

  24. Anita says:

    Hi I am very interested ! I’m always tired, and I’m having a hard time losing my last 5 pounds… I’m 5ft 8″ weighing 145 pounds. I weight lift and run with hitt cardio in between.

  25. dira says:

    I am closely watching my percentages with my fitnesspal, and am in target. But it has been a week I have not lost one pound!
    I have intentionally added a little bit more walking here and there, and restrictions myself to 1200 calories per day. What am I doing wrong?
    Please help.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Sorry Dira, you are not giving me enough info to even guess what is happening….Plus weight loss is much more than the right macros…there are many amny reasons why this could be happening!!

  26. lilian francis says:

    thanks a lot

  27. Zulay Romero says:

    I have been reading your mails and recepies with much interest.
    I am a 51 year old woman who has always been overweight but on the other hand also healthy. I suffer from nothing. Thanks know God for that. But I do struggle with my weight all my life.
    I was 119 kg 6 months ago. I am almost 1m80cm tall.
    So I should weight between the 80 and the 90 kg.
    Since about 6 months ago I have changed my eating style. I don’t do diets anymore. I do my best to eat organic and no rice, pasta, bread or things made out of white flower or potatoes. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits. I don’t drink milk anymore but drink cocos water.
    Anyway. I weight now 109 kg but there has been no change in almost a month.
    I work full time and I swim if I can twice a week…
    What am I doing good wrong??? Is this the solution???? I also don’t have time to cook everyday. But I will make very simple meals like salmon and broccoli or chicken breast with avocado and tomato…..things like that.
    I also use alot of Limon and spices as I am Latin.
    But u live in Holland and it’s cold here….
    But ….I do things know. I’m doing my best but I guess my best is just not good enough.
    I’m stuck again even though I’m not dieting.
    It’s just weird.
    I need to loose 15 more kg and keep it off.
    That would be amazing. Specially to stay healthy as I get older.
    What do you think??? It would be very nice to know how you think about my situation.
    I honestly hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards

    Zulay Romero

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Zulay, will email you shortly with a reply! 🙂

  28. Emma says:

    Hello. Just wondering. I have been on keto for about three weeks. Feel great. Just read though that people with thyroid should avoid it? I have hypoactive thyroid but take medication for it everyday. Can I still continue??? Am I hurting my body?! Now I’m scared but I still want to continue.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Emma, I wih I could give you a simple straight forward answer, but the way you do keto really depends on your individual health situation. Because I am an holistic practitioner, not just a blogger, I do not give superficial, generic advice. It goes against what I do! So I encourage you to read more about keto Paleo and maybe watch some of my videos on youtube 🙂

  29. Becky says:

    What happens when you are kicked out of ketosis? How to you get back in?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hi Becky, you just get back to eating keto and start where you left off…Also it depends how and why you got out in the first place. (Which you did not mention)

  30. Carlie says:

    To Vivica — I’m a beginner! Dr. Joseph Mercola suggests guideline amount of protein .5g per pound of lean body mass. My lean body weight is 99 LBS, so 50-ish is my goal. (I’m 69, so I should have a tiny bit more, right?) I’m working to keep the carbs at about 20g/day, definitely 20 – 30. I’ve also read we-the-people are to consume 5 – 6 servings of “fruits and vegetables”, so I consider that “vegetables”. I obviously can’t do that and keep my carbs at 20 – 30. I record everything I eat, sodium, calories, fat, protein, fiber and net carbs. My general question for the blog is: can I stay adequately nourished on this small amount of food? I can DO it, but I’m afraid of consuming too few veggies for health. THANKS!

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hi Carlie,
      what nourishes the most is organ meats, not vegetables. Second would be organic greens and bitter greens, herbs as well. You really do not need a lot when the ingredients are high quality and rich in nutrients. So begin by avoiding all empty calories that do not provide nutrients! And you can have more protein if you are hungry!

  31. Sandy Ciarlariello says:

    I am interested in starting a ketogenic diet. I have hypothyroidism and currently taking 88 mcg sythroid. You mention following a modified ketogenic diet. Where can I get more details on what foods I can or cannot eat? My weight is stable so this is to maintain health. Thanks!

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hey Sandy, the diet would be modified for your individual needs. I am afraid I can not give you a lot more details with out knowing more about you!

  32. Keto Forum says:

    Going through your article always enriches me. Your content are so informative and trust worthy.
    This blog is also the same. losing weight is
    a tough phase. Many times people feel helpless. And at that time article like this and community like this comes out benevolent.
    I really encourage your good works. Please tell me one thing?
    Can I have cheese during a keto journey? Hope to hear from you soon.

  33. Sylvia says:

    Hi, I’m diabetic and have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and high blood pressure. I’m on medication can I still do the keto diet. I mostly eat a clean diet and do intermittent fasting. But still no weight loss

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Sylvia I think your problems are more complex than what a diet alone can resolve, but with the help of nutrition and supplementation you should be able to make progress. I am here if you need a consult.

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