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Hi I am Vivica, welcome to my blog! I am a certified nutritionist and the creator of the Healing Foods Method. My philosophy of healing is to let the right foods delight you, nourish you and make you healthy!

The FitFluential Radio Podcast

Why inflammation, weight gain and exhaustion are NOT just part of getting older with Vivica Menegaz Part 1

Vivica Menegaz is blogger, nutritionist, and well-known ketogenic cookbook author. One of the reasons she loves the ketogenic diet is due to how it let her bounce back from a pre-diabetic state. She didn’t like the advice given by doctors and certainly never accepted her health problems as part of the aging process. She studied nutrition and learned under Dr. Deborah Penner, a person Vivica says pushed her into a career that just happened to be her calling.

In part 1 of our interview, Vivica joins us to talk about how she embarked on her health and fitness journey and  her many struggles. We also discuss why she became adamant about helping herself and the many lessons she learned from her self-taught experience.

“It’s your own problems and health challenges that lead you to become an expert in certain things.” Vivica Menegaz

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • When she started eating healthier.
  • How research in nutrition led her to the ketogenic diet.
  • How refusing to go the path her mom and grandma took became her stepping stone.
  • Why she’d rather study thyroid and adrenal as her specialty than female hormones.
  • Are women particularly vulnerable to adrenal and thyroid problems?

Key Takeaways:

  • Inform yourself, educate yourself, and make your own decisions.

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