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Chocolate Almond Ketone Breakfast Drink

Energy for Breakfast!

How many days of the week do you wake up tired, have to get ready in a hurry, and wish you could have a magic breakfast that gave you energy and nutrition, without the sugar and caffeine?

Your dreams have just become reality!

This breakfast hot drink (which can be also made iced for Summer!) provides a number of quality nutrients, plus pure ketones, to jump-start your day with lots of stable, long-lasting energy, which is actually good for you!

Why ketones for breakfast are good for you?

That you need to lose weight or not, maintaining steady energy levels through the day should be everyone’s goal!

When you start your day using fat and protein for fuel instead of carbs, a number of things happen:

First your blood sugars do not spike, so you do not have to crash a few hours later. Also no blood glucose spike means not so much insulin is released. Remember, insulin stores fat, so you can burn fat for energy instead, yes, your own! (Here is a cool study on the long-term effects of keto on blood sugar and insulin)

Second ketones, fat and protein are long-lasting energy sources, so you will not get hungry after 1 hour.

Third drinking exogenous ketones puts you in an immediate state of ketosis, which helps A LOT if you are trying to keto adapt and if you want to maintain your keto adaptation using a bit more carbs. (The second scenario is more specific to athletes and people with thyroid and adrenal issues).

Fourth you will enter ketosis, and as I mention in several places on this blog, the benefits of being in ketosis are many! (Another cool study to give you a sample)

Overall Benefits of Consuming Exogenous Ketones


  • Heightened focus
  • Mental clarity
  • Accessing clean burning, constant source of energy, instead of peaks and valleys of glucose


  • Triggers ketosis
  • Increased fat-burning
  • Boost energy for exercise
  • Increases satiety and feeling full


  • Sense of well-being
  • Emotional balance

Disease Prevention

  • Ketosis induces improved autophagy and apoptosis, where your body purges dead or underperforming cells to allow for new growth. This has innumerable benefits relating to disease prevention and longevity.

Benefits Specific to Perfect Keto Base

These are the main reasons why I started using Perfect Keto Base, it’s just made with the latest research about ketosis!

  • Completely clean product. Does not contain any soy, dairy, gluten, artificial sweeteners, binding agents, or anything that doesn’t directly improve your health.
  • Tastes phenomenal. Exogenous ketones taste notoriously awful but Perfect Keto comes in delicious Chocolate Sea Salt and Peaches and Cream flavors that go great in almost any beverage, coffee or smoothie you can dream up. Also is great in just plain water!

Low GI Distress

  • Perfect Keto uses only the highest quality salts, sourced in the United States, in just the right amounts so that the exogenous ketones are easy on your digestive system.


  • Perfect Keto exogenous ketones are cheaper than the standard price on the market today. We want ketosis to be available to everyone.

Doctor Developed and Recommended

  • Perfect Keto’s founder is a functional medicine clinician who developed our unique formula for maximum efficacy.

So how do I best use Exogenous Ketones?

For Mental Performance

  • Remember ketones are what your body breaks fat down into for useable energy. Your brain uses about 20% of your total daily energy expenditure.
  • This is not a stimulant for the perception of alertness. Perfect Keto is real energy.

Before/During Exercise

  • Ketones are fuel for your body. When we talk about “fat-burning” we are literally describing fatty acids being metabolized into ketones.

Perfect Keto’s Ingredients  

I love the company’s full transparency when it comes to ingredients!

  • We use only high-quality beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) salts in Perfect Keto. Each serving comes with 11.3 grams of high-quality BHB.
  • Each tub contains 211 grams of product, good enough for 15 full-scoop servings, or 30 half-scoop servings.
  • Other ingredients: Magnesium, Calcium, Cocoa, Stevia leaf, Vitamin C
4.7 from 3 reviews
Chocolate Almond Keto Breakfast Drink
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 2 servings
  • Serving size: 1 serving
  • Calories: 191
  • Fat: 9 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 4 NET grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Protein: 11 grams
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and process on high-speed for about a minute. Serve hot.


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Comments 12

  1. Lorraine R. says:

    Having this on a cloudy afternoon to warm me up- yum!

  2. Heather says:

    I made this without the gelatin because I didn’t have any on hand, but it still tasted great. I will definitely try it with it next time, but I was wondering how important it is to the nutritional value and energizing factor?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Heather it’s just a source of protein, which is good energy in the morning!

    • Joy Termorshuizen says:

      Gelatin is a superfood. My nails are harder than hard and do not break and my hair and nails grow faster than any of my friends…they think I am crazy but i am living proof.

  3. Sandy Munn says:

    Are the macros for substituting 2 tablespoons MCT oil for the packet of Keto OS for one serving?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      From the blog post: “Substitute 2 tablespoons of MCT oil for the packet of Keto OS. In that case Macros will be: 260 Cal, 5 grams of NET carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 23 grams of fat , 3 grams of protein.”

  4. Kim says:

    Is there anything you can substitute for the OS?

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      In the blog post there are substitution suggestions.

  5. Noelle says:

    Where can South Africans purchase OS?

  6. Barbara says:

    I like the idea of this drink, and I bought a TON of Keto OS when it first came out and stopped drinking it because it has over 900 mgs of sodium. Yes I know you need extra salt while doing Keto, but this just seems excessive. I’d love to hear your idea on this.

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Barbara you need about 3000mg of sodium when starting keto and maintaining ketosis. I do not think Keto OS has too much sodium, if you are aware of it and balance it with the rest of your diet. What is more important is to use foods rich in trace minerals that complement the sodium.

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