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Alaskan Cod A la Pizzaiola: Why Eat Fish And How To Choose It!

Alaskan Cod A LA Pizzaiola By The Nourished Caveman Alaskan Cod A la Pizzaiola: This is Keto Paleo!

What defines Keto Paleo for me? Foods that are high in nutrients, promote healing, feed your senses with pleasure and keep you in a low state of nutritional ketosis to maximize the healing benefits of burning fat for energy.

The whole idea is to restrict carbs so you can get in to ketosis and then add plenty of good fats and some quality protein to balance the nutrition!!

A very important secret!

You might have noticed that a lot of keto recipes out there are full of bacon, cheese and red meat.

Well, I am going to share a really important secret with you right now.

You might not like fish very much, and prefer eating bacon 3 times a day on keto…yes bacon laced with all kinds of rich cheeses and creams…

But in my clinical practice I have discovered that those are the very foods that slow down your weight loss and healing process!


So if you want to get accelerated results, fish is one of the ways to go!

What fish to eat?

The very sad and unfortunate part is that our oceans are toxic and extremely overfished, so it is of vital importance to make good choices when it comes to the fish to eat.

Here is a short list of guidelines to help you:

  • Fish should be sustainably farmed: Traditional fish farming comes with the horrible reputation of giving loads of antibiotics to the animals and further polluting the environment. Lucky for us new technology has brought us sustainable fish farming! Not so easy to find yet, but Whole Foods is a good resource and has a commitment to selling only clean, environmentally safe fish.
  • Wild caught foods should be at least on a list of certified sustainable. Check out this great LIST to help you choose!
  • Choose a fish with relatively low mercury content. If that mercury is higher limit use to once or twice a month.

Alaskan Cod A la Pizzaiola

Cod is a sustainable fish from cold waters, and contains only moderate amounts of mercury. The sad reality is that almost any fish from the ocean will contain some mercury, so try to vary what you eat and focus mainly on small fish like sardines.

Cod is a quite inexpensive though, making it an affordable choice for most families.

Cod is rich in Omega 3s and vitamin B12, it’s also a great source of protein.

This recipe is a classic from my country and my childhood (YES another one!! Hey I grew up in a restaurant, remember?!).

It brings back great memories for me…I hope it creates some yummy ones for you!

Alaskan Cod A LA Pizzaiola By The Nourished Caveman 2


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  1. Louise Stewart says:

    I’m not seeing the instructions for cooking this recipe. Could you check the post, please. I’m very interested in making this. Thanks

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    Hi, would love to make this but the instructions just seem to be a repeat of the ingredients..

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      sorry an issue with my tech side…fixed!!

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    Like previous posts, I don’t see a recipe here but would really like to try this recipe

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    Hey there, great website. 😉 I am very interested in this recipe, unfortunately, the ingredients/recipe instructions aren’t showing up. Looking forward to when you are able to post these, and thanks for sharing!

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      sorry recipe got deleted need to make it again :(Coming asap!

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