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Hi! If you are  new to the Keto lifestyle you might not know where and what to get to best track your progress or make a special Keto Paleo recipe! I decided to make a handy keto resources list here so you could get you new keto lifestyle started smoothly!

My Keto Meal Plans:

1 Week Keto Meal Plan

4 Weeks  Keto Meal Plan


Ketone tracking: Before keto adaptation you can simply track your progress with inexpensive Ketone Urine Strips

After about 3 weeks , you will become keto adapted and the urine strips will not read anymore.

Now you have the option to use 2 measuring devices:

A Blood Ketone Meter and Strips. This system is the most accurate but quite pricey.

A better long term alternative would be a Ketone Breath Meter, like the Ketonix. Which will last forever and be quite accurate.

I also recommend a Glucose Meter Kit to test blood sugar levels as you are keto adapting.

If you have to test your glucose many times a day and you are a needle phobic like me, I suggest getting a Genteel. It’s a great way to get your blood sample with no pain or trauma! USE coupon code VIV10OFF for $10 discount!!


As you get keto adapted your body will process minerals in a different way and mineral supplementation becomes more relevant.

Here are some generic suggestions for a basic keto mineral protocol:

I also strongly recommend the use of a probiotic to help heal and stabilize the gut and prevent constipation. I use one of the new generation of Soil Based Probiotics: Prescript Assist


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If you are new to Keto you might be at a loss to find the right ingredients that are healthy and keto approved!

Here are my personal Keto Kitchen Basics! These Paleo and Keto friendly foods are great for substitutions.


Almond Meal

Coconut Flour

Hazelnut Flour

Psyllium Husk Powder (sample recipe here)

Chia Seed Flour – make it yourself! Just place Chia seeds in a coffee grinder and grind for 30 sec. Freeze to store, so it won’t go rancid!

Flax seed flour – make it yourself! Just place Flax Seeds in a coffee grinder and grind for 30 sec. Freeze to store, so it won’t go rancid!


Kelp Noodles


Coconut Oil

Coconut Cream

Shredded Coconut

Coconut Aminos: To use instead of Soy Sauce!



Ghee instead of butter



Swerve instead of granulated sugar

Confectioner Swerve for baking!

Stevia Glycerite: for hot drinks, and desserts.



Egg White Protein to use in Baking



Raw Cacao Powder: For maximum antioxidants!


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