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Sarah D.

It is amazing when you feel great! I felt so horrible for so long that it was my normal. My mood is fantastic, my head is clearer, I am not bloated, my chronic lower back pain is virtually gone and I am losing weight. This in turn has made me a better mom and wife, I am finally getting the life I was missing out on back. I am truly thankful for stumbling across Vivica’s page. Thank you Vivica for helping me find myself.

Please fill out the form below with concise but detailed information, so I can be better prepared for your call. Forms not properly filled out will not be considered a serious inquiry and therefore will be ignored.

Deborah C.

Thank you again Vivica for all you did for us. I am so pleased to be only taking my insulin twice a month. I know soon that I will be completely off of it and I owe it all to you and The Healing Foods Method. I know at some point I would have made it to that point but to get here in 8 weeks is amazing to me. Thank you again.

Hana K.

I was so confused and wanted to give up on the ketogenic diet and then I met Vivica and she’s helped me with my diet and not to be afraid eating fat. She has provided me delicious recipe and meal plan. Vivica is an amazing woman passionate about helping and educating people about healthy whole food eating. I recommend her program to anyone who’s looking for long term healthy whole food eating.

Judith G.

There is something I have been meaning to tell you Vivica, something very unexpected, but I seem to have my love of cooking back. I have been making some delicious meals using keto ingredients. I guess because. To start with it making my own keto meals were boring, in fact prior to this course my meals were boring. I used to cook and bake heaps, making bread, cakes, biscuits you name it. Then I started eating paleo which ruled out all those things. I became bored and cooked the quickest easiet basic meals. Anything to get a quick meal on the table – Boring!!!!

Jeannie G.

When I meet Vivica, I had been struggling for 1 ½ yrs with extreme digestive issues. I had seen my traditional healthcare provider who sent me to a digestive specialist who ran many, many test but could not get to the root cause of the digestive issues. Then I heard Vivica give a talk about the ketogenic diet. Many of the physical ailments she spoke about and said could be alleviated were ones I had been struggling with. I decided to take her 8 week course. At first I thought there was no way I could change my diet and lifestyle this dramatically but Vivica continued to reassure me that I could and that it would be worth it. She was right! By the end of the course, the digestive issues I had battled for the past 1 ½ years were 98% better/resolved! I was able to incorporate the ketogenic eating style into my life and did not feel deprived or stressed by the new style of eating. In fact, I felt full, satisfied and healthy. I highly recommend Vivica’s program. She cares deeply about her clients and wants to help them restore their health. She’s a fantastic encourager and has a deep knowledge of nutrition and body physiology. She is skilled at walking her clients through the process, step by step, fully supporting them along the way.

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  1. Robin Marlin says:

    There is no link to launch the application…please direct me to the appropriate page or link or send it to my email address. Thank you!

    • The Nourished Caveman says:

      Hey Robin, our apologies about the link not working. We just redesigned our website and some of the links were being activated on the new system. Here is the link to the Healing Foods Method Program Inquiry Form. Thank you for your comment and helping us with your feedback! http://thenourishedcaveman.com/call

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