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I am Vivica, creator of “The Healing Foods Method”, nutritionist and blogger.
It’s my purpose and mission to ensure that you reclaim your health and quality of life. This blog, it’s resources and my program are here to help you learn how to get healthier, lighter and have more energy.  I am here to help you with changes that will eliminate those incapacitating symptoms which lower the quality of your life. I am here to show you that eating better is possible, and it’s not as complicated, time consuming or expensive as you think.
I will support you in reclaiming your health so that you wake up in the morning excited to be alive and exhilarated at the thought of what the day holds for you. Together we will will work on whatever is blocking your way to a healthy, fit, trim you. I will be there as you take the tiny steps that bring you closer to the place of health you want to be in.
This is a place for knowledge, support, and empowerment.  Here you’ll find all the tools to help you on the journey to better health.
Armed with better information and insight, you’ll be prepared to make choices now that set you up for success in getting healthy!

About this blog

I love food! When I started working with nutrition, patients were constantly telling me that they did not know what to eat, or how to make simple, satisfying meals that were healthy and delicious. So I started writing some Paleo recipes for them and then organized them in a blog.
This has evolved into the site you see now: A blog for low-carb, Keto friendly, Paleo recipes which are fun and uncomplicated and combine local, seasonal and organic foods as much as possible, but also a place for nutrition information and guidance.
These are the guidelines to all the recipes contained here:
•    Grain Free
•    Mostly Dairy Free (except for specific Ketogenic recipes)
•    Fresh, real ingredients. I also use a lot what I preserve myself form my own harvest.
•    All veggies are organic
•    All meats organic, free range, fed what nature intended and treated better than just humanely!
•    Local and seasonal as much as possible.
•    Focus on organ meats, them being the foundation of health.


Vivica’s Bio

I was born in Italy, at a time when small grocery stores still existed. I grew up buying veggies at the “verduriere” and meat at the “macellaio”.  For the first 6 years of my life my parents had a restaurant and hotel in a small resort in the mountains of Northern Italy. There I spent a lot of time playing in the kitchen, and in the pantries. I visited herds of cows out on pasture and drank fresh milk, and ate cheese made over a wood fire.

Those memories shaped my future taste and understanding of food in a deep manner.

I left Italy at 19. Lived in Germany for 5 years then in Spain.

I moved to California in the early nineties, and decided to become a photographer, a food photographer! Working for national and local magazines gave me the chance to visit (and try) many amazing restaurants. I ate and photographed my way around Los Angeles.

Then for 10 years I lived between LA and Brasil, changed career, opened a new business. But in the meantime I was always around food, helping my chef friends with catering jobs, cooking, taking pictures.

In 2009 I moved to Northern California with my husband, cats and dog.

This has been the move that closed the circle. I am back in the landscape of my childhood, mountains and pine trees!

For the last 3 years I have been realizing an old dream of living self-sufficiency. Growing my own food, being connected to Nature and the Earth.

My passion for food and the desire to help others has also found its ultimate calling: Nutrition. I am now certified as a Technician in Whole Food Nutrition. I am studying for my Clinician certification.39680_416429431673_7586881_n