My Favorite Healthy Keto Fats

THE HEALTHIEST FATS FOR  KETO copy Want to look in my pantry?  During the last few weeks we had a look at how too many calories and too much protein can look like. If you ever wondered what foods are good and bad for a Ketogenic or low carb diet this new series is for you! Today we will start to have a look at making substitutions that will change those health-damaging, fat-accumulating, sickness-causing foods into delicious Healing Foods that are right for a person who can not handle carbs. (PS you can refer to the Carb Intolerance Q&A page for that). Today we will start with having a look at the very base of the keto diet: Fat! IMPORTANT: Not all keto fats are created equal: The bad, the good and …the UGLY! Knowing what fats to use is of vital importance! Using the wrong kind of oil or fat can do more harm than good. Oxidized and damaged fats use can lead to arteriosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, damage to the digestive system and more problems! Why ... read more

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