Prosciutto and Brie Jalapeño Poppers: Quick, Easy and Low carb!

Prosciutto and Brie Jalapeno Poppers By The Nourished Caveman top

Tailgate or Superbowl House Party? Prosciutto and Brie Jalapeño Poppers! Are you looking for a great appetizer that is low carb, gluten free, easy and fast to prepare? These Prosciutto and Brie Jalapeño Poppers take less than 30 minutes to prepare and pack a flavor punch! Are you off dairy? No problem! Just substitute avocado slices for the Brie cheese! These poppers will be a crowd pleaser! Keto Party Tips Prepare plenty of good snacks that are keto compliant but so delicious that nobody will even notice If you want to provide your guests with some non keto alternatives,  ( I love these gluten free crackers, but do not eat them anymore! My husband does!) make sure you have enough keto choices for yourself, so you will not cheat. If you feel like cheating, try to have more protein instead of carbs, it will make you full sooner and less prone to want other things. Drinks? Yes please, I will have a keto martini! My nr. 1 choice of drink is a dirty martini with blue ... read more

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