Daikon Kimchi For Digestive Health

Dainkon Kimchi By The Nourished Caveman

  The Importance of Fermented Foods on a Keto Diet How is your digestion doing? Most likely if you are on a keto diet, it's slowly improving. You have removed most of the offending foods (hopefully) and the reflux is gone.... BUT The journey to a truly healthy digestive system is a long one when you come from a SAD (standard american diet) background! The number one problem with that kind of diet is the chronic lack of enzymes and probiotics. Enzymes from raw and unprocessed foods are essential to replenish our body's reserves. We can not properly digest foods without enzymes. That is why mother nature created most foods already packaged with their own perfect enzyme content. But then we have to go and mess that up, by cooking and processing. Probiotics are almost more important than enzymes. When you are on a Keto diet and not eating fruits and high carb veggies, fermented foods are the perfect vegetable! They are extremely low carb, because the ... read more

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