Keto Cheesy Pinwheels

Keto Cheesy Pinwheels By The Nourished Caveman 2

Keto Cheesy Pinwheels "salatini" In Italy, land of the best breads and pastries, we have a thing called "salatini". Salatini or "little salties" are miniature salty pastries with cheese or ham, tomatoes or olives. They are to be eaten with your "aperitivo" or a light drink after you finish work, as Italians usually eat dinner pretty late, especially in summer. So you can normally get these delicious little pastries in a pastry shop or in a regular bar, where you might have a drink with friends before you go home for supper. These Keto Cheesy Pinwheels, are a keto replica of one of the most popular salatini. The best thing is that you can easily change the stuffing of your rolled pinwheels making them in different flavors. You can even make several flavors in one batch! Stuffing suggestions: Keeping the dough the same, you can use the following ideas as filling: - olive tapenade - anchovies,  thin tomato slices and fresh oregano for pizza flavor. - thin prosciutto ... read more

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