The new fabulous Mediterranean Paleo Cookbook GIVE-AWAY!!!!


Many of you know that my dishes have an Italian and Israeli touch to them due to mine and my husband's heritage. Today, we are going to talk Mediterranean food!! If you have had authentic Mediterranean food, then you know what I am talking about. Caitlin Weeks of Grassfed Girl, and her husband Nabil Boumrar, an acclaimed chef from Algiers, teamed up with Diane Sanfilippo of Practical Paleo to create Mediterranean Paleo! This beautifully done cookbook has authentic Mediterranean recipes that are paleo and AIP friendly, bringing you all the flavors you look for. While all the recipes may not be keto friendly, many of them are low-carb, nutrient dense, and especially healing for the gut. Totally appropriate for anybody who does not have a carb intolerance! Find out more about carbohydrate intolerance HERE!   Take a sneak-peek at the book itself and see for yourself how enticing it really is. I know you'll really love it! Mediterranean Paleo Sneak-Peek So here's ... read more

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