Almond Butter Beastie Bunless Bacon Burger

Almond Butter Beastie Bunless Bacon Burger 4

OMG what about my cholesterol if I eat this stuff? I betcha you are looking at this delicious burger and thinking of your cholesterol! Let's have a look at why this burger is actually GOOD for your cholesterol levels! There is a lot of controversial opinions and research on cholesterol, so I will just present some of the facts. Few FACTS about cholesterol: Cholesterol is a necessary substance in the body. Our brains are made of mostly cholesterol. Hormones are made with cholesterol. Bile salts are made with cholesterol. Our cell membranes need cholesterol to stick together. Linking high cholesterol to heart disease is an oversimplified, incorrect approach, based on outdated research! The way cholesterol levels are tested (the Friedwald formula) is based on the wrong assumption that the ratio of triglyceride to cholesterol is a constant 5:1, but as that ratio is not constant that leads to significant errors in calculation. (Volek and Phinney) Effects of a high ... read more

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