Open letter to you!

Today there will be no usual nutrition post. I am taking this week to grieve. Our daily lives go by quickly and busily, one day after the other, barely noticed, just one step in front of the other.... Until something really big happens, then life suddenly screeches to a halt. This time for me it was a family tragedy. My family, as many of you know, consists of my husband and the many beloved pets, as I did not have children. But for my Italian mamma's heart, my pets are the children. Few days ago I lost my most dearly beloved little spunky, sassy mallard, Kiki and her two kids. A Bear. He killed the kids, and Kiki is missing. I wish I could be a great writer and describe all the different feelings and range of emotions...from the deepest sadness to the strongest hope, to despair and guilt for not having been able to see this coming. Words fail me. Death is a big stigma in out modern times, it's constantly hidden from us and we have lost familiarity ... read more

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