Breakthrough New Ketone Supplement!

Ketogenic Diet Doubles Cancer Survival In Mice When Combined With Ketone Supplements

A Breakthrough New Ketone Supplement For the last two years I have been living and breathing everything keto, and also reading every book and research out there about ketosis and the benefits of keto adaptation. I have also assisted many conferences, and it was last year at AHS14 that I met Dr. DiAgostino. Dr. DiAgostino is one of the leading researches working with cancer and ketosis at the University of South Florida. Is also one of the first researchers to study the effects of exogenous ketone supplementation. He is the first person who talked to me about ketone supplements, and he really spiked my curiosity, mentioning all the amazing benefits of supplementing with BHB. Here is a great article that explains more about his work. So I decided to try a ketone supplement on myself. Unfortunately what was on the market a year ago was a very unpalatable pure ketone salt (KetoForce), which worked on elevating my ketosis but also gave me very bad stomach upset and nausea. ... read more

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