LOW-CARB diet misconception number two : Low carb Means High Protein

lowcarb misconception #2

http://youtu.be/hSY9y5Yh3vU Misconception #2 Low-carb means High Protein Today we are going to talk about the second major misconception about keto and Low carb diets that can mean the difference between success and failure: Low carb means high protein. Proteins are composed by chains of amino-acids . Nine of these are called “essential” amino acids, because we need to get them through the diet can not be made by the body. All essential amino –acids are contained in animal protein, especially organ meats. High quality (grass-fed / organic / pastured) animal protein is the best you can eat for your body, when it’s consumed in the right amount! If protein is an essential macronutrient, WHY is it bad? As I just said, good quality protein is good for you , unless you consume too much of it. WHAT happens in the body when we eat too much protein? Promotes long-term weight gain and obesity tthrough drastically increased leptin levels. Leptin is a satiety /metabolic regulation ... read more

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