Gourmet Keto Thanksgiving Stuffing and Holiday Survival Tips

Gourmet Keto Thanksgiving Stuffing By The Nourished Caveman closeup

No More Holiday Panic! The Holiday season is almost here, and if you are a low-carber or a ketoer like me you are probably dreading every social even you will have to take part in. It's going to be like crossing a mine field, right? It's the ultimate test of willpower.....and we do not always win. Do you feel like it's not fair?! I do! You are working so hard, trying to be healthy, trying to do the right thing....and then there is a bunch of people who do not care and stuff their faces with pie in front of you! 3 tips to survive of the holiday season and keto on! 1) Throw a low-carb party! So you are the one in charge and can give the guidelines for what to bring! It could be a fun potluck! 2) Bring a side dish, or a keto dessert so you can always eat turkey or ham, your side dish and/or dessert! 3) Be prepared with lots of delicious recipes that would please the whole family and fit your keto / low carb parameters!! (I will help with that!!) Let's get started ... read more

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